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Stavros Thessaloniki

Stavros of Thessaloniki is a beautiful tourist destination in the region of Halkidiki, in northern Greece. It offers a unique experience that combines the wonderful nature, the traditional atmosphere and the clean sea.

The area has beautiful beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. You can relax and enjoy the sun and the sea or try various water sports.

The most popular are the beach of Stavros, Vrasna, Asprovalta, Olympiada, Platani, Milies and many more options in the surrounding areas.

Overall, it is a beautiful place that offers an opportunity to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and discover the rich history of the area.



Lake Volvi is an enchanting natural destination in northern Greece, definitely worth a visit. It is located at the roots of the Halkidiki peninsula between the municipalities of Volvi and Lagada, while it is the second largest lake in N. Greece.
Here you will find an idyllic water bay, surrounded by lush vegetation and unique landscapes that will enchant you. It is one of the 11 Greek wetlands protected by the Ramsar Convention.
In the hometown of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, ancient Stageira hosts the unique theme park of Halkidiki, known as "Aristotle's Grove".
This wonderful park is located at an altitude of 500 meters and offers a magnificent view of the bay of Ierissos, while it hosts, in addition to the statue of Aristotle, various interactive exhibits, in which the laws of nature, mentioned in his writings, apply.
Visit the Ancient Stagira to discover the history of Halkidiki by living a unique experience in the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle. The ancient settlement is located just 500 m. southeast of Olympiada, on the "Liotopi" peninsula.
The location of Ancient Stagira is excellent, as they are opposite an islet called "Kaufkanas". The natural landscape and the presence of the sea add a unique charm to the archaeological site.
The enchanting waterfalls of Varvara are located in the dense forest of Kipuristra, just 8 kilometers away from the village of Olympiada.
The rocks, with their intense colors, create an impressive gateway at the level of the falls, adding a sense of mystery and magic to the landscape. The area has been landscaped with wooden bridges and proper signage, making it ideal for walking and exploring.